Friday, September 16, 2011

Overdue :/

This was 2days before I was 40wks

     Well our due date has come and gone. Sunday, September 11 was our due date and after how the past few weeks have been it was pretty depressing having that  Needless to say these past few weeks I have been miserable. I have had contractions daily, been extremely hormonal, gone through big energy spurts and days with absolutely no energy, & many sleepless nights.
      I can say though that I am very thankful for the doctors that I have. They have done everything in their power to help get my labor going and given me advice on things I can do on my own to help but unfortunately none of it has worked. However they are being really nice and inducing me at 41wks and 1day instead of making me wait the normal 42wks. So if Sadie doesn't make her entrance on her own this weekend, I am being induced on Monday morning the 19th at 7:00am.
      We went to the doctor Wednesday to talk about the induction and see if I had made any progress. She said that I have made a little progress not much though. Also that she doesn't think I will have to be induced, she thinks that since Sadie is so low that I will go on my own before Monday. However if I do make it to Monday they will only have to give me a small dose of Pitocin and maybe break my water if it doesn't break on its own. She said that since I am so far progressed on my own that my body won't need a lot of help and that it shouldn't take very long!
      We are both very excited to meet our little girl, we are a little nervous but mostly just ready for her to be here in our arms.
      In other updates God has truely shown how He provides and that His plans are perfect. We were getting very worried because Scott is still only at Jersey Mike's and with all I had been going through there were many days when he had to stay home with me so things financially were getting scary. So right before my last trip to the hospital God proved faithful, we recieved a check from the school that Scott had attended that covers our bills for the next 3months. That plus the hours he is able to get at Jersey Mike's are going to take care of us until I go back to work. We had been getting discouraged about Scott not finding another job until recently with all the days he has had to stay home with me. We realized that at any other job he would not have that flexability and a boss who was understanding of our situation. We know that there is another job with better pay and benefits out there for him but right now this is a blessing and we are very thanksful for it. He is able to stay home with me if needed and once Sadie arrives he will be able to take some time off to get to spend with her. All in all God is proving faithful in all areas of our lives even in the little things.
      The next time I post will be after Sadie's arrival. I will have plenty of pictures to post I am sure!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Maternity Pictures

On August 18th my younger sister Chelsea Eckmann took us out to the park to do some maternity pictures. She did a fabulous job and we had a lot of fun. She is going to be a very successful photographer one day. So I decided to upload and share some of our favorites. I hope you enjoy them we sure did!

Waiting for Sadie

           Well now that everything is done we are just waiting on our precious little girl to make her arrival. Her room is done, we have the craddle set up in our room & ready, her swing is put together, and we even accomplished the daunting task of getting the carseat put in! Now we just need Sadie!
          Since my last post pregnancy has been rather interesting. I had to stop working on the 13th I was so uncomfortable and working was making everything worse. So eventhough Scott doesn't have another job yet we made the decision for me to stop and trust that God will provide. Tuesday the 16th I had gotten a massage from a friend at work and she opened up my hips for me which allowed Sadie to drop more and made me a little more comfortable. She also worked on the labor inducing points to help get things going some. Between that and not working I was starting to enjoy my pregnancy again and not be so miserable, until Sunday night. That night I experienced my first real contractions and they were AWFUL!!! The worst part was the horrible back pain that stuck around hours after they had stopped that I could not get any relief from until I was finally able to fall asleep. After that I decided that I was going to do everything in my power to get labor going and get this over with. I started walking as often as I could, doing stretches, eating sour & spicy foods, working my labor inducing points, and everything else I could think of. After Sunday night I had some Braxton Hicks contractions randomly throughout the week and kept dropping but no major activity, until yesterday. I had a doctors appointment yesterday at 11:30am she said everything looked great and that it could be any day now. I think that she made Sadie really mad when she was feeling my stomach and making sure she was still head down though. About an hour after I left I started having more Braxton Hicks contractions they were no big deal until about 6:00pm then they started getting more intense to the point where it was feeling like I couldn't breathe. No pain with them though they were definately not like the ones I had Sunday night. At about 8:30pm I had one with pain and called my doctor. She said that I needed to take a bath and drink some water to see if they stop and if the ones with pain developed a pattern of lasting a minute to a 1.5 mintues and being 5min apart to come on in. They never developed a pattern though. However they did keep me from getting any sleep last night.
             My hope is that we can have this baby sometime this weekend that would be fantastic because I don't know how many more days I can handle like yesterday!


 Well we are all ready for Sadie to make her arrival. The nursery is completely finished and everything is organized. Now all we need is a baby! My mom and I spent many hours decorating and organizing this room with the help of some others it is finally finished and perfect! There is a lot of love and meaning behind everything in this room which makes it so much more special.
this is the diaper holder that Scott's Grandma made for her

This is her crib that my Papa Chuck bought for her and the comforter was also made by Scott's Grandma. We really like the crib because it converts into a Day Bed, a Toddler Bed, and a Twin Bed. So it will stay with her for a long time.

The curtain and the decorations/seat on the chest were both done by my mom. The chest was my hope chest and we are now using it as her toy box and one day it can be her hope chest too!

This is my favorite verse and it is above Sadie's crib. It is Jeremiah 29:11. If there is one thing I want her to know it is that God has a special plan for her and that it is a perfect plan!

Changing table and a Diaper Genie that we are very thankful for!

This is by far the most meaningful piece in her room. My Mawmaw passed away 7years ago and I miss her so much and would give anything for her to be here with us now. This dresser was made for my Mawmaw by her dad when she was born. She actually slept in one of the drawers. Since then it has been painted & repainted and used by all 3 of her kids and by most of her grandkids. My mom had the dresser and repainted it and decorated it for us to use in Sadie's room. Now eventhough Mawmaw can't be a physical part of all of this she is still here and part of Sadie's life in this way.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Closer :)

me at 34wks

scott wearing the pregnancy belly in our childbirth prep class

comparing bellies at childbirth prep class
    Well I feel just horrible! I haven't updated since May, sorry to all of you who have been waiting!
   So since May a lot has happend. We found out that they found a small fibroid in my uterus so that's why they have been doing so many ultrasounds to keep a check on it. So far everything is fine it hasn't grown much and they don't think it will effect me or Sadie at all. They said that it may cause a few problems after delivery for me but nothing major just more recovery time involved. On our last ultrasound which was July 13, the lady said that Sadie was about 4 1/2 lbs., very long and had a full head of hair. Yes, she has so much hair already that you could see it on the ultrasound! It was the coolest thing ever! Mom went with me to that one which was very special. We were able to see Sadie yawn, play with her toes and rub her eyes. It was so sweet! The ultrasound lady said that if she goes to her due date that she will be around 9lbs. So she is gonna be big and I am not sure how I feel about that! But I do know that I am soo ready for her to be here!
   As far as pregnancy right now, I am over it! I have had a lot of intense back pain lately and tightness in my belly from her not having anymore room. I know that it could be worse and that I have been blessed to be able to enjoy the majority of my pregnancy, but I swear these last few weeks may be the death of me! She is so big and and I am just to small. I don't really sleep much anymore because I can't get/stay comfortable. Also the heat is awful! I can't wear my rings anymore which makes me very sad, I feel naked without them on. And my feet pretty much swell as soon as I go outside which sucks! But I am going to tough out all this hard stuff because I know that it will all be worth it when I get to hold my sweet little girl in my arms! :)
   We have finally started on the nursery. We have it all painted and 2 of the pieces of furniture ready to move in soon. I can't wait to get all the furniture moved in so we can put the wall decorations up and get everything organized and ready for her arrival! this is how we painted the walls in the nursery     

  I also had a family & close friends baby shower a few weeks ago and that was fun! We got a good bit of nice stuff and I was very thankful for everything we got. I have 2 more showers coming up one for work and another at church for all of our church family & people who couldn't make it to my first one. I am very excited!
    We do have a little bit of good news from Scott as far as a job. He had looked into a few places and they just didn't work out. But, he called Schwan's today and his boss will find out tomorrow if he can hire him back. The guy in charge of that depot didn't want to let him go in the first place and has been hoping that Scott would come back after the 6months was up. So tomorrow we will hopefully find out if he has his job back! It's not what we were wanting but it is better than nothing and it will make things a lot easier on both of us. And once he starts working I will be able to go on maternity leave which will also be better for all involved. I will be able to relax and get things done around the house and he won't have to feel bad and hear me complain all the time haha!
     Our next appointment is on Friday. I am hoping that they will give me good news and tell me that she will be here before her due date! If anything major comes out of the appointment I will do my best to update then.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kicking Away

 My baby belly on Easter!
                                      Lower right corner she is sticking out her tongue :P
Sadie's beautiful face with her momma's nose :)

Well we have had some ups and downs lately. On May 13th we had to go back for another ultrasound because they were concerned about something they saw on the last ultrasound. Which sent me into a complete meltdown thinking that something could be wrong but, all the worrying was for nothing. Everything was fine. We are both still measuring right on track. Sadie is now about 1.5lbs and very healthy and active. Her kicks and other movements are becoming very powerful. So powerful in fact that Scott was finally able to feel her kicking with his hand this past Tuesday night. It was so cute. His reaction was priceless! I love seeing him react to her.
Our next up and down also happend this past Tuesday. Monday I had started having some swelling in my ankles and calves while I was at work, which I didn't like but wasn't too concerned about. But on Tuesday the swelling started up again as soon as I got to work and it was also in my feet this time, which made it uncomfortable to walk almost. On my break I sat with my feet elevated but it didn't help and I had also started getting a bad headache and had some cramps and just feeling funny in general. So I called my doctor and she wanted me to go to the ER and get evaluated just to be safe. Well that sent me into another meltdown I cried for a good hour until we got to the hospital. Once we got there they checked me for pre-eclampsia and everything came out normal. While they were running tests they had me hooked up to the contraction monitor to make sure I wasn't having any. Well Scott figured out that if I laughed the numbers went up and made it a game to see how high he could get the numbers to go. It was annoying at first but it really calmed me down and got my mind off things. But after about an hour in the OB ER they said that everything was fine and I had just overworked myself. That was good news but then there was bad news. The nurse said since I am already having that trouble that more than likely my doctor is going to make me cut back on my hours soon and not let me work till 40wks. Which most people would be thanking God at that point but not me.
At this point I am still the one bringing in the most money which pays our bills so hearing that was scary. Scott has been trying very hard at finding a job but nothing has come up yet. It is very scary for both of us because with my job I don't get maternity leave which sucks but it comes with it and I knew that before choosing this field. So it is now buckle down time for the both of us right now our main goal is getting him a job. And may I just say that I am VERY proud of how hard he is working to get that done. We have both been praying about it and we know that God is in control and has an amazing plan for us.
Aside from our first scared trip to the hospital my pregnancy is still very enjoyable. I love getting to feel her move on a regular basis. It is kind of weird to think that in a few short months I will be seeing her move instead of feeling her move. Don't get me wrong I am very much looking forward to her being here already but I think that the transition will be a little surreal. I am growing everyday it feels like and my belly button has started to disappear which is funny. I also can no longer see my feet when I am standing if I look straight down, I have to lean over to see them.
Our next doctor appointment is on June 9th. At that appoinment I will be having the routine blood work again. They will be checking for gestational diabetes again(I hate that test). They will also be evaluating me as far as what they will allow me to do work and activity wise. So prayers please that everything goes well and that I am not put on bed rest anytime soon, because I think that would drive me and everyone else crazy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

                                                             Miss Sadie'ss profile
                                                       Her putting up her fists :)
baby bump at 18wks

Yes that is right we are having a little girl! Her name will be Sadie Lynn Fortune! And we are very excited! Of course we would have been just as happy with a boy. But just to know what we are having and for our baby to have a name makes it so much more real and exciting! Especially now that we can start shopping. :)
Thursday I had my doctors visit where they weigh me and measure me and listen to the heartbeat, and it went great. My doctor said that I was measuring perfectly and that the heartbeat sounded great. Also all of my AFP blood work (which is the blood work that checks for possible syndromes and things) came back normal. Which is a huge relief to know that so far we have a healthy happy baby! At the ultrasound on Friday the lady told us that her heart rate was at 142 which is great! Seeing all the parts of our little girl was amazing, we got to watch her heart beat, and her kick and punch and squirm. It was so cute. We were both in awe at what God has blessed us with and is allowing us to experience. How you can be that in love with a person you haven't actually met yet is beyond me. But believe me we are both already head over heels in love with this little girl!
And yes I already have every part of her nursery and accessories all picked out! We are painting the room pink and green and the theme will be butterflies! I cannot wait to start her room and just shopping for her in general I am soo excited! 
As far as the pregnancy is concerned it is much more enjoyable now. I am having a lot more days without nausea which is WONDERFUL! The only things that are getting worse is that I am having hip and back pain now and getting headaches from my allergies being so intense now. However I am trying extremely hard and being a trooper. I am trying to do what is best for Miss Sadie and avoid taking meds. I am going to start going to the chiropractor and getting massages more regularly because that will help with both the pain and allergies. The fun part of being further along now is that I can feel her being more active but unfortunately she isn't big enough yet for anyone else to feel. I can't wait for Scott to be able to feel her move and neither can he. And my belly is growing as you can see in the pic above that was taken at 18wks I am now 20wks. I feel like every time I wake up I am bigger. I love it, it amazes us both! But so far the doctor says I am pretty much all baby which is fine with me! She said that I am right on track as far as weight gain.
Our next doctor appointment is on May 12. I will be seeing a different doctor this time, she is one of the other doctors in the office that is on the delivery rotation. I want to try and see all of the doctors before I go into labor so that way I will be comfortable and not surprised by whoever delivers her. At this appointment along with being measured and hearing her heartbeat again, we will get the results back from the ultrasound. The lady who did the ultrasound wasn't allowed to tell us anything but the sex and heart rate because she is not our doctor. So our doctor reviews everything and will give us results at our next appointment or before depending on what they find.
I promise I will update before then with pictures and news on our progress with the nursery and anything else big that happens!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Update!

   Well we went back to the baby doctor yesterday! We didn't get to see our little peanut but we heard it! That was by far the most wonderful, amazing sound we have ever heard! Both of us almost cried, which is a big deal for Scott, he never cries. I think it is so sweet to see him get emotional and excited over the baby, it's a side of him that people don't get to see often. The doctor said the heartbeat sounded great, that it was at a very healthy rate, although she didn't tell us what it was.
I am going on the 31st for the bloodwork that predicts if there is anything wrong with the baby. We decided to do that because we would rather know before the baby is born if it will have any defects or handicaps so that way we can be prepared in every aspect as much as we can. We would obviously love it regaurdless but our prayer is that it will be as healthy as can be!
On April 15th we get to find out if it's going to be a girl or boy! We cannot wait to find out! I can't wait to start working on the nursery and buying clothes and toys and all of that good stuff! Scott isn't as excited about the buying stuff yet but I am sure once we see our peanut again and find out the sex he will be buying stuff like crazy!
As far as the pregnancy goes for me, I'm getting bigger eventhough I haven't really gained any weight. I am mostly in the smaller maternity jeans and like lounge pants. Pants with zippers and bottons don't really get along with me anymore. I am getting some energy back although I have to make sure I don't do too much at once or I crash and take a nice long nap. I am pretty much always hungry now and have had a few headaches mostly from my allergies which are awful this time of year. I am going to try to tuff it out though without any meds because I know that's best for the baby. Other than that things are getting much better and much more enjoyable.
Aside from the baby news things with us are going great. Scott has been able to focus much more on school and making lessons for the youth. He has loved being able to spend so much time with the youth and teach some lessons, it gets him excited about the day when he, well we, have our own youth group. He has applied at a few jobs he knows he will get an interview at one of them, thanks to a great friend! He is still waiting to here back from the others and is going to be applying for more jobs next week. I have been very busy at work I am so glad that I am down to 3 days a week at Massage Envy I would be dead on my feet if I was still at 5days a week. I have also started working back at CCA(the school at our church) one day a week teaching music to Elementary and the 4yr olds! It is a lot of fun and helps out with the bills too!
 So overall things are getting better an much more exciting! I will keep you posted as things happen!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ups & Downs

Well the past couple weeks have been full of ups and downs however we are very thankful that God knows what He is doing and has great plans for our family.

Long story short Scott lost his job with Schwan's the week that I had to cut my hours because of the pregnancy. We were completely freaking out thinking that we wouldn't make it. I was sure we were going to have to move and freaking out about where we would live and just going crazy. But, Scott pointed out to me that the circumstances of him losing his job didn't make sense at all so it had to be a God thing and that He must have something better in store for us. Which is very true because once we found out I was pregnant we began to worry about Scott working so much and that he would end up missing out on a lot once the baby got here. So in a strange way it was an answer to a prayer just not exactly how we were thinking it would get answered which it never really is. But our God provides because even though we have taken a huge decrease in our income we are still able to get our bills paid! Not sure how because once again to us it doesn't add up but our God is awesome! A huge plus with him not working there anymore is that we have gotten to spend so much time together that we have missed out on lately and it has been so great getting to actually spend quality time together! And whatever job he gets next will be less time consuming so we will have more time with eachother and with the baby once it gets here!

Speaking of the baby, my pregnancy is getting better and more enjoyable now that I am out of my first trimester things are settling down. My nausea comes and goes now instead of always being there which is great! Although now I am having to pee ALL the time, which is annoying but I would rather be peeing that puking any day! About a week ago I started being able to feel the baby moving. Nothing major just little tickles every now and then. I can't wait until you can feel it from the outside and neither can Scott! I am also getting a baby bump which is fun and cute! I don't have pics yet Chelsea should be taking some soon and I will post them as soon as I get them!
Our next appointment is on the 17th and then they will tell us when we get to find out what we are having! We cannot wait to find out mainly so we can call it by its name instead of "it" or "peanut" or any of the other nicknames that have been made up! Also so that we can start buying things because we already have so much picked out! We don't really have a preferance as to boy or girl, Scott would prefer a boy but then again what guy doesn't with his first kid! I personally think it's a girl, not sure why but I just have a feeling but as long as it is healthy I will be happy regaurdless of the gender!
That is about all I have as far as an update and as previously promised I will do my best to post as often as I can!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Addition!

Well it's official we are having a baby!!!! We are beyond excited and of course a little nervous because it's not something that you can completely prepare yourself for. We got to see our little peanut for the first time yesterday and they determined that I am about 8wks and 4days as of today and that I am due around September 11, which is awesome because that is the day we started dating! So it makes it even more exciting! So far the pregnancy has taken a toll on me. I have been nauseous all the time pretty much and always tired. Although I got medicine yesterday to help with the nausea and it has worked very well today so hopefully it helps me.

As of my last post we hadn't gotten our apartment yet but we moved in, in August. We have a very spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom and it's a good thing since we have the baby coming and they allow pets so my Cookie is with us also and loves having the house to herself! (For now anyway) I am sure she will get a little jealous once the baby comes.

I am hoping to keep updating my posts on a more regular basis to keep my family that doesn't have facebook informed on how things are going. But forgive me if I don't things get busy and I tend to forget but I am going to really try!