Friday, May 20, 2011

Kicking Away

 My baby belly on Easter!
                                      Lower right corner she is sticking out her tongue :P
Sadie's beautiful face with her momma's nose :)

Well we have had some ups and downs lately. On May 13th we had to go back for another ultrasound because they were concerned about something they saw on the last ultrasound. Which sent me into a complete meltdown thinking that something could be wrong but, all the worrying was for nothing. Everything was fine. We are both still measuring right on track. Sadie is now about 1.5lbs and very healthy and active. Her kicks and other movements are becoming very powerful. So powerful in fact that Scott was finally able to feel her kicking with his hand this past Tuesday night. It was so cute. His reaction was priceless! I love seeing him react to her.
Our next up and down also happend this past Tuesday. Monday I had started having some swelling in my ankles and calves while I was at work, which I didn't like but wasn't too concerned about. But on Tuesday the swelling started up again as soon as I got to work and it was also in my feet this time, which made it uncomfortable to walk almost. On my break I sat with my feet elevated but it didn't help and I had also started getting a bad headache and had some cramps and just feeling funny in general. So I called my doctor and she wanted me to go to the ER and get evaluated just to be safe. Well that sent me into another meltdown I cried for a good hour until we got to the hospital. Once we got there they checked me for pre-eclampsia and everything came out normal. While they were running tests they had me hooked up to the contraction monitor to make sure I wasn't having any. Well Scott figured out that if I laughed the numbers went up and made it a game to see how high he could get the numbers to go. It was annoying at first but it really calmed me down and got my mind off things. But after about an hour in the OB ER they said that everything was fine and I had just overworked myself. That was good news but then there was bad news. The nurse said since I am already having that trouble that more than likely my doctor is going to make me cut back on my hours soon and not let me work till 40wks. Which most people would be thanking God at that point but not me.
At this point I am still the one bringing in the most money which pays our bills so hearing that was scary. Scott has been trying very hard at finding a job but nothing has come up yet. It is very scary for both of us because with my job I don't get maternity leave which sucks but it comes with it and I knew that before choosing this field. So it is now buckle down time for the both of us right now our main goal is getting him a job. And may I just say that I am VERY proud of how hard he is working to get that done. We have both been praying about it and we know that God is in control and has an amazing plan for us.
Aside from our first scared trip to the hospital my pregnancy is still very enjoyable. I love getting to feel her move on a regular basis. It is kind of weird to think that in a few short months I will be seeing her move instead of feeling her move. Don't get me wrong I am very much looking forward to her being here already but I think that the transition will be a little surreal. I am growing everyday it feels like and my belly button has started to disappear which is funny. I also can no longer see my feet when I am standing if I look straight down, I have to lean over to see them.
Our next doctor appointment is on June 9th. At that appoinment I will be having the routine blood work again. They will be checking for gestational diabetes again(I hate that test). They will also be evaluating me as far as what they will allow me to do work and activity wise. So prayers please that everything goes well and that I am not put on bed rest anytime soon, because I think that would drive me and everyone else crazy!