Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All married and settled in!

I am sorry that it has been so long since i have given an update but things have been rather hectic.

On July 11,2009 we finally got married! It was beautiful, everything went as planned. Neither of us puked! :) I must say it was the second best day of my life and I could not be happier and I am pretty possitive Scott would agree!

The honeymoon was also AMAZING! We went to Gatinburg, TN for a week and it was beautiful. We hiked part of the App. Trail and we went and walked around Gatinburg and of course played putput and I almost beat Scott once but he won everytime. I will beat him again one day! We also went into Pigeon Forge and ate the best dinner ever at the Alamo we highly recommend it.

Once back from the honeymoon we had a couple days for laundry then it was off to Crossroads summer camp with the youth. It was amazing we got to see God work in the lives of our youth in many ways.

When we got back from Crossroads we realized that He was preparing our hearts for a change of plans. We found out that the loan didn't come through for us to pay his tuition on time because I couldnt prove I would have a job in September. So we had to quickly come up with a plan B and we decided to stay here and save up until spring semester. A couple in our church have graciously let us rent out their basement apartment in Statesville. So now once I pass my Mblex exam and start working and with him working we will be able to save up and not need a loan in the spring which is awesome!

We moved in on August 2 and officially got settled in the next day it is very nice we love it. It's nice to have our own space and ease our way into the real world now it won't be so hard when we move to Raleigh!

So all in all God has greater plans than we do and we just have to keep remembering to trust Him and it will all work out! And so far married life is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!