Sunday, April 17, 2011

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

                                                             Miss Sadie'ss profile
                                                       Her putting up her fists :)
baby bump at 18wks

Yes that is right we are having a little girl! Her name will be Sadie Lynn Fortune! And we are very excited! Of course we would have been just as happy with a boy. But just to know what we are having and for our baby to have a name makes it so much more real and exciting! Especially now that we can start shopping. :)
Thursday I had my doctors visit where they weigh me and measure me and listen to the heartbeat, and it went great. My doctor said that I was measuring perfectly and that the heartbeat sounded great. Also all of my AFP blood work (which is the blood work that checks for possible syndromes and things) came back normal. Which is a huge relief to know that so far we have a healthy happy baby! At the ultrasound on Friday the lady told us that her heart rate was at 142 which is great! Seeing all the parts of our little girl was amazing, we got to watch her heart beat, and her kick and punch and squirm. It was so cute. We were both in awe at what God has blessed us with and is allowing us to experience. How you can be that in love with a person you haven't actually met yet is beyond me. But believe me we are both already head over heels in love with this little girl!
And yes I already have every part of her nursery and accessories all picked out! We are painting the room pink and green and the theme will be butterflies! I cannot wait to start her room and just shopping for her in general I am soo excited! 
As far as the pregnancy is concerned it is much more enjoyable now. I am having a lot more days without nausea which is WONDERFUL! The only things that are getting worse is that I am having hip and back pain now and getting headaches from my allergies being so intense now. However I am trying extremely hard and being a trooper. I am trying to do what is best for Miss Sadie and avoid taking meds. I am going to start going to the chiropractor and getting massages more regularly because that will help with both the pain and allergies. The fun part of being further along now is that I can feel her being more active but unfortunately she isn't big enough yet for anyone else to feel. I can't wait for Scott to be able to feel her move and neither can he. And my belly is growing as you can see in the pic above that was taken at 18wks I am now 20wks. I feel like every time I wake up I am bigger. I love it, it amazes us both! But so far the doctor says I am pretty much all baby which is fine with me! She said that I am right on track as far as weight gain.
Our next doctor appointment is on May 12. I will be seeing a different doctor this time, she is one of the other doctors in the office that is on the delivery rotation. I want to try and see all of the doctors before I go into labor so that way I will be comfortable and not surprised by whoever delivers her. At this appointment along with being measured and hearing her heartbeat again, we will get the results back from the ultrasound. The lady who did the ultrasound wasn't allowed to tell us anything but the sex and heart rate because she is not our doctor. So our doctor reviews everything and will give us results at our next appointment or before depending on what they find.
I promise I will update before then with pictures and news on our progress with the nursery and anything else big that happens!