Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Closer :)

me at 34wks

scott wearing the pregnancy belly in our childbirth prep class

comparing bellies at childbirth prep class
    Well I feel just horrible! I haven't updated since May, sorry to all of you who have been waiting!
   So since May a lot has happend. We found out that they found a small fibroid in my uterus so that's why they have been doing so many ultrasounds to keep a check on it. So far everything is fine it hasn't grown much and they don't think it will effect me or Sadie at all. They said that it may cause a few problems after delivery for me but nothing major just more recovery time involved. On our last ultrasound which was July 13, the lady said that Sadie was about 4 1/2 lbs., very long and had a full head of hair. Yes, she has so much hair already that you could see it on the ultrasound! It was the coolest thing ever! Mom went with me to that one which was very special. We were able to see Sadie yawn, play with her toes and rub her eyes. It was so sweet! The ultrasound lady said that if she goes to her due date that she will be around 9lbs. So she is gonna be big and I am not sure how I feel about that! But I do know that I am soo ready for her to be here!
   As far as pregnancy right now, I am over it! I have had a lot of intense back pain lately and tightness in my belly from her not having anymore room. I know that it could be worse and that I have been blessed to be able to enjoy the majority of my pregnancy, but I swear these last few weeks may be the death of me! She is so big and and I am just to small. I don't really sleep much anymore because I can't get/stay comfortable. Also the heat is awful! I can't wear my rings anymore which makes me very sad, I feel naked without them on. And my feet pretty much swell as soon as I go outside which sucks! But I am going to tough out all this hard stuff because I know that it will all be worth it when I get to hold my sweet little girl in my arms! :)
   We have finally started on the nursery. We have it all painted and 2 of the pieces of furniture ready to move in soon. I can't wait to get all the furniture moved in so we can put the wall decorations up and get everything organized and ready for her arrival! this is how we painted the walls in the nursery     

  I also had a family & close friends baby shower a few weeks ago and that was fun! We got a good bit of nice stuff and I was very thankful for everything we got. I have 2 more showers coming up one for work and another at church for all of our church family & people who couldn't make it to my first one. I am very excited!
    We do have a little bit of good news from Scott as far as a job. He had looked into a few places and they just didn't work out. But, he called Schwan's today and his boss will find out tomorrow if he can hire him back. The guy in charge of that depot didn't want to let him go in the first place and has been hoping that Scott would come back after the 6months was up. So tomorrow we will hopefully find out if he has his job back! It's not what we were wanting but it is better than nothing and it will make things a lot easier on both of us. And once he starts working I will be able to go on maternity leave which will also be better for all involved. I will be able to relax and get things done around the house and he won't have to feel bad and hear me complain all the time haha!
     Our next appointment is on Friday. I am hoping that they will give me good news and tell me that she will be here before her due date! If anything major comes out of the appointment I will do my best to update then.

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