Friday, August 26, 2011


 Well we are all ready for Sadie to make her arrival. The nursery is completely finished and everything is organized. Now all we need is a baby! My mom and I spent many hours decorating and organizing this room with the help of some others it is finally finished and perfect! There is a lot of love and meaning behind everything in this room which makes it so much more special.
this is the diaper holder that Scott's Grandma made for her

This is her crib that my Papa Chuck bought for her and the comforter was also made by Scott's Grandma. We really like the crib because it converts into a Day Bed, a Toddler Bed, and a Twin Bed. So it will stay with her for a long time.

The curtain and the decorations/seat on the chest were both done by my mom. The chest was my hope chest and we are now using it as her toy box and one day it can be her hope chest too!

This is my favorite verse and it is above Sadie's crib. It is Jeremiah 29:11. If there is one thing I want her to know it is that God has a special plan for her and that it is a perfect plan!

Changing table and a Diaper Genie that we are very thankful for!

This is by far the most meaningful piece in her room. My Mawmaw passed away 7years ago and I miss her so much and would give anything for her to be here with us now. This dresser was made for my Mawmaw by her dad when she was born. She actually slept in one of the drawers. Since then it has been painted & repainted and used by all 3 of her kids and by most of her grandkids. My mom had the dresser and repainted it and decorated it for us to use in Sadie's room. Now eventhough Mawmaw can't be a physical part of all of this she is still here and part of Sadie's life in this way.

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