Friday, August 26, 2011

Waiting for Sadie

           Well now that everything is done we are just waiting on our precious little girl to make her arrival. Her room is done, we have the craddle set up in our room & ready, her swing is put together, and we even accomplished the daunting task of getting the carseat put in! Now we just need Sadie!
          Since my last post pregnancy has been rather interesting. I had to stop working on the 13th I was so uncomfortable and working was making everything worse. So eventhough Scott doesn't have another job yet we made the decision for me to stop and trust that God will provide. Tuesday the 16th I had gotten a massage from a friend at work and she opened up my hips for me which allowed Sadie to drop more and made me a little more comfortable. She also worked on the labor inducing points to help get things going some. Between that and not working I was starting to enjoy my pregnancy again and not be so miserable, until Sunday night. That night I experienced my first real contractions and they were AWFUL!!! The worst part was the horrible back pain that stuck around hours after they had stopped that I could not get any relief from until I was finally able to fall asleep. After that I decided that I was going to do everything in my power to get labor going and get this over with. I started walking as often as I could, doing stretches, eating sour & spicy foods, working my labor inducing points, and everything else I could think of. After Sunday night I had some Braxton Hicks contractions randomly throughout the week and kept dropping but no major activity, until yesterday. I had a doctors appointment yesterday at 11:30am she said everything looked great and that it could be any day now. I think that she made Sadie really mad when she was feeling my stomach and making sure she was still head down though. About an hour after I left I started having more Braxton Hicks contractions they were no big deal until about 6:00pm then they started getting more intense to the point where it was feeling like I couldn't breathe. No pain with them though they were definately not like the ones I had Sunday night. At about 8:30pm I had one with pain and called my doctor. She said that I needed to take a bath and drink some water to see if they stop and if the ones with pain developed a pattern of lasting a minute to a 1.5 mintues and being 5min apart to come on in. They never developed a pattern though. However they did keep me from getting any sleep last night.
             My hope is that we can have this baby sometime this weekend that would be fantastic because I don't know how many more days I can handle like yesterday!

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