Friday, September 16, 2011

Overdue :/

This was 2days before I was 40wks

     Well our due date has come and gone. Sunday, September 11 was our due date and after how the past few weeks have been it was pretty depressing having that  Needless to say these past few weeks I have been miserable. I have had contractions daily, been extremely hormonal, gone through big energy spurts and days with absolutely no energy, & many sleepless nights.
      I can say though that I am very thankful for the doctors that I have. They have done everything in their power to help get my labor going and given me advice on things I can do on my own to help but unfortunately none of it has worked. However they are being really nice and inducing me at 41wks and 1day instead of making me wait the normal 42wks. So if Sadie doesn't make her entrance on her own this weekend, I am being induced on Monday morning the 19th at 7:00am.
      We went to the doctor Wednesday to talk about the induction and see if I had made any progress. She said that I have made a little progress not much though. Also that she doesn't think I will have to be induced, she thinks that since Sadie is so low that I will go on my own before Monday. However if I do make it to Monday they will only have to give me a small dose of Pitocin and maybe break my water if it doesn't break on its own. She said that since I am so far progressed on my own that my body won't need a lot of help and that it shouldn't take very long!
      We are both very excited to meet our little girl, we are a little nervous but mostly just ready for her to be here in our arms.
      In other updates God has truely shown how He provides and that His plans are perfect. We were getting very worried because Scott is still only at Jersey Mike's and with all I had been going through there were many days when he had to stay home with me so things financially were getting scary. So right before my last trip to the hospital God proved faithful, we recieved a check from the school that Scott had attended that covers our bills for the next 3months. That plus the hours he is able to get at Jersey Mike's are going to take care of us until I go back to work. We had been getting discouraged about Scott not finding another job until recently with all the days he has had to stay home with me. We realized that at any other job he would not have that flexability and a boss who was understanding of our situation. We know that there is another job with better pay and benefits out there for him but right now this is a blessing and we are very thanksful for it. He is able to stay home with me if needed and once Sadie arrives he will be able to take some time off to get to spend with her. All in all God is proving faithful in all areas of our lives even in the little things.
      The next time I post will be after Sadie's arrival. I will have plenty of pictures to post I am sure!

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