Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quinn's Grand Entrance

    Well on the morning of Monday, January 26, I went in for my final check up and was ecstatic to find out that I had progressed to 3cm and 80%! My doctor scheduled my induction for the following Thursday (the day before Chelsea's wedding) and was nice enough to strip my membranes in hopes of getting things going without the induction. I went to mom & dad's fully expecting to be dying of cramps and wanting to die and taking a nap. Instead, the contractions started, I was trying to keep moving in hopes of them getting regular (it never happened). At about 5:00 I had gotten irritated and we decided to go home so that I could take a bath, relax and go to bed. The pain just kept getting worse but they wouldn't get regular but by 8:00pm I could not take the pain any longer, we called and had Jonathan and Jake come and sit with Sadie while I went to the hospital for some pain relief. Of course upon getting there they checked me and there was no more progress. I told them all I wanted was pain relief because I knew I wasn't in labor, however the dreaded 1hr walk came just in case. At 11:00pm after an hour of walking I had progressed to between a 4 and 5 and before I knew it I was being admitted. Scott and I were both in complete shock. We had no intention of staying, we expected a shot and to be sent home with a "better luck next time". So the calls and texts went out to adjust our arrangements for Sadie and then before we knew it the labor crew was there (both of our Mom's, Chelsea, Dad, and Swain)! They started my IV of fluids and antibiotics (I had Group B Strep) and then they gave me some useless IV pain meds that did nothing but make me dizzy because I was technically not in active labor so I had to wait out my epidural. After an hour I had progressed to a 6 and 90% and I informed them that someone would be seriously injured if I did not get my epidural in time! Finally the epidural guy came and of course it took like 15min to get the dern thing in, thankfully my Daddy was able to run by the hospital and be with me for that because I would have lost it if he wasn't there! After that it was time to get some rest, well try to anyway, it's kind of hard when every 2hrs you are being poked and prodded and having to puke every few hours because your body doesn't like labor, but I am pretty proud of how much I made myself rest. At about 8:30am my doctor came in to check my and I was at a 8 but my water still had not broke. She had to go preform a surgery and said she would come back and break my water and we would have a baby, let me just tell you that was the longest hour of my life!!! Of course as soon as she came back I started throwing up again but my water broke on it's own during all that and I made it to a 10 and was ready to push! I started pushing at 9:51am and she was here at 9:54am! It was very fast and exciting and easy, thank goodness, a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders once I heard her cry.
     We were there for 2 nights and she did amazing! As most of you know attempting breastfeeding again was very important to me. While in the hospital she started out great and then ended up getting pretty jaundice, so she was put on a very strict eating schedule which my body and her were not tolerating very well. She was having trouble latching and my body was having trouble producing enough for her to eat every two hours. She began getting very upset, causing gas issues every time she had to eat because of the trouble latching even with a shield and assistance. Once home I attempted to pump for her and at first it was going great. As the day went on my body just kind of gave up. In the middle of the night I had to decide what was best for her and her health. Her jaundice was getting worse and my heart was breaking having to come to the realization that my body was not made to breastfeed. I had a mini meltdown and then picked myself up and made her a bottle of formula, just praying the whole time that she would tolerate it because I remember how hard it was switching Sadie to formula and I just didn't want to take her back to the hospital. I got both of us as calmed down as I could and took a deep breath and gave her the bottle, she took it with ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS!!!! I was so excited I started crying all over again! My littlest princess was such a trooper, she had to go through breast, shield, pumped milk, and formula before we got everything figured out.
     Not only did she hang in through the feeding issues but the very next day after coming home from the hospital we spent all day out. We couldn't bare to miss my little sister getting married! I was pretty proud of all 3 of us girls (Daddy was at work) we did pretty good all day. The wedding was so sweet and the reception was also great. It did hit me about half way through the reception that I had just given birth 3 days prior so Quinn and I spent a lot of time resting in my parents room which was okay by me.
      On Monday she had her first weight check/meet the doctor appointment. At the same time Sadie had an appointment for her allergies, and she is getting put on a second medication for that and will be doing allergy testing soon. Quinn did great as well, she was discharged from the hospital at 7lbs even and on Monday she was back up to 7lbs 5oz so she is doing awesome and her jaundice is completely gone, which was a huge relief to me. Her pediatrician (that we absolutely love by the way) assured me that I made the right decision to switch her to formula. She also said that Quinn was extremely strong and had great muscle tone. Sadie was the same way, both my girls came out holding their heads up. We go back on Wednesday for her 2wk well check.
      Sadie has been doing great with her. She is a little over excited still and is just scared she is going to miss something so she has gotten herself in trouble quite a few times but I know as time goes on she will calm down once the "newness" wears off. My mom and the amazing person she is came over and spent a few nights with us so I could get use to having 2 kiddos since Scott was unable to take time off. I swear without that woman I would be lost. She helped me unclutter and organize which was probably the biggest help of all! She went back home today so we shall see how we do on our own!
     Overall I am super excited about life with 2 precious little girls! Everyone is adjusting really well and my body is bouncing back wonderfully! Now we are on to our next adventure which will be apartment hunting. Our lease is up next month so we have to get on the ball preparing for our big move to Charlotte!!!

While waiting on my next post you can enjoy some pretty cute pics of my girls!!

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  1. So very proud of you for doing what is best for you and Quinn! That's what makes you a fantastic mama. ;) Both of your girls are beautiful! I loved reading Quinn's birth story. :D I didn't realize you were moving to Charlotte. I hope we can still have some play dates. :) Praying for you all as you adjust to being a family of 4! ♡ Justina