Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Catch Up

Wow it has been a really long time since I have updated this! I think that I almost forgot I had one of these! That just goes to show that things have been crazy & busy! So here is my attempt at catching the world up on us.

Well first of all we have learned first hand that God's plans and our plans are not always the same. We had our hearts set on leaving in January for Wake Forest so that Scott could start school at the College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary well that is clearly not where God wanted us. Through a series of set backs time after time we finally accepted it and started praying about where God wanted us. So as of now we have been moved back in with his parents for about 2 months now. I am in the process of finding a new job and he should be starting school at John Wesley Bible College in High Point in the Fall.

I was not making enough money to help out with bills & save money to move so we were pretty much living paycheck to paycheck and not getting to save anything did not put us on track to move anywhere. We decided moving back in with his parents would be best because not only would we be able to save but it was closer to his work so he can work more hours. We tried and tried but Southeastern was just to expensive for us so we looked into other schools and John Wesley has truely been a God-send. They not only except government money but also will provide us with a good amount of financial aid. On top of that he will only have to be at school one day a week so he will have the rest of the week to work!

Long story short about my job....I prayed about whether it was truely the place that God wanted me to be and 3hours later I was in my bosses office getting let go. Which was a big blessing in disguise. It got me out of a drama filled workplace that I was staying in only because I was scared to look elsewhere. This forced me to look and see what else was out there. I am currently waiting to here back from an interview.

We plan to find a place to rent once I get a new job and stay around here until Scott is done with school then we will see what plans God has instore for us after that!

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